Our vision is to create long lasting superiorities by creating diff erences and to become a governing and a leader company within its sector for its innovativeness, creativity, dynamism, strong fi nancial-corporate structure and faithful reputation.


To manage a “strategical portfolio” which is competitive and has sustainable growth potential in a manner to create value for its stakeholders. It is our essential target to always be “the best”. Being the best in quality, service, supply sources and dealer relations and investment options and to maintain our image in our sector is our main objective. It is our fundamental principle to undertake management in the fi elds of activities and to become the market leader to achieve such target. Our most signifi cant asset is our human resources. Quality of our products and services begin with the quality of our employees. The way we prefer to maintain the persistence of BSM is to attract the best personnel and trained human force and employ in our group; to make the best of the capabilities, strength and creativity of them, to enhance their productivity, to provide opportunity to developments and to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity blossom.